While we undertake the standard covers readily available from the market, we also offer a range of highly innovative and specialized types of insurance covers requiring placement in sophisticated markets overseas to suit a specific client operation.

The below a list is not exhaustive. Do contact us for further information and enquiries.

Advance Loss of Profits
If you are planning a new project, do not forget to protect your projected profits by this cover. Compliments Contractor’s All Risks
All Risks
Covers loss or damage of portable small but valuable items and valuables
Assets All Risks
This is a modern package for industrial risks. The package combined several covers against “All Risks” except what is excluded in the policy
Aviation - Hull, Liability, War
Covers owners of aircrafts against damage to aircraft, liability and cargoy
Banc assurance
Various schemes to for the mutual protection of banks and their customers, including loan protection
Bankers Blanket Bonds
This is a special package for financial institutions coverings various financial crime risks
Theft by robbery through forced entry or exit from your business
Carrier’s Liability
Protects common carriers for liability for goods carried
Contractor’s Plant and Machinery
Important cover against accidental damage to Machinery & plant, including mobile site plant
Contractors All Risks
Against damage of construction or Erection works including machinery
Deterioration of Stocks
Cover for perishable goods and stocks. Must be taken with machinery breakdown
Electronic Equipment
Damage by electronic physical breakdown of electronics such as computers
Energy Packages
Covers risks of on-shore and off-shore oil and gas projects including drilling and extraction
Fidelity Guarantee
Very important to cover against theft/infidelity of employees
Fire & Allied Perils
Cover your businesses against physical destruction or damage by fire and allied perils
Fire Loss of Profits/Business Interruption
Protects your business against interruption and increase in cost of working due to damage by fire and allied perils
Goods in Transit
Covers good in transit against accidental damage and theft
Group Life Insurance
Covers employees for death from any cause not excluded.
Group Personal Accident - Stated Benefits
This is an employee benefit, covering physical & external death or injury
Group Personal Accident – Earnings based
As above but linked to employee earnings
Hospitality Risks
Comprehensive Hotelier and Tour Operator packages against material damage risks and liability for death or injury including tourists
Machinery Breakdown
Physical damage by electrical and mechanical machinery breakdown, including boiler explosion
Machinery Loss of Profits
Protects your business against interruption and increase in cost of working due to damage by
Marine - Cargo
Important for overseas/cross border shipments - imports and exports, by sea, air or road
Marine - Hull & Liability
Protects ship owners against loss or damage to vessels as well as liability
Marine Stockthroughtput
Another special package for traders, anchored on marine insurance and incorporating road transport, sea transport, deliberate storage and until final disposal, as it were, from the cradle to the grave.
Medical Insurance Scheme
Another employee benefit that provides medical aid
All risks cover against loss or damage to money in transit or from premises
Plate Glass
Necessary to cover expensive or extensive glazing against accidental breakage
Professional Indemnity
Very important for liability for negligent professional errors and omissions
Public Liability - Products
Important cover against liablity if you produce/manufacture or alter any products for public consumption, including food
Public Liability – General Premises
Covers legal liability for physical injury or damage to third party property
Workmen’s Compensation – Act
By statute, employees injured (including illness) must be compensated. This covers such compensation
Workmen’s Compensation – Common Law
This covers common law liability to employees for negligence
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