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About Us

ARiS grew to its current position from humble beginnings dating back to 1998. It started as an insurance agency with a small office in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.

As the insurance industry developed, the founder, Mr. Sanjay Suchak decided to upgrade into an insurance brokerage firm as a means to provide a broader spectrum of services for client needs.

Later, Alexander Forbes (then a leading financial services provider headquartered in South Africa) purchased a majority stake in 2002 to facilitate ARiS business expansion to cater for multinational corporations amongst other considerations.

In 2004, the company achieved the status of being the leading insurance broker in Tanzania, a position it has maintained for over a decade and a half now.

In 2013, an American group acquired Alexander Forbes. However, in Tanzania, the management decided to purchase the company and renamed it ARiS (African Risk and Insurance Services Limited).

The company has subsidiaries in Uganda, Kenya and the United Kingdom, the first insurance entity based in Tanzania to do so.

In 2018, the company became the largest insurance entity (amongst brokers and insurers) for the sum total of gross premiums booked for all classes of insurance.

Our Vision

To be the Leading Risk Service Provider in East and Central Africa region.

Our Mission

To develop in our stakeholders a sense of appreciation of risk management by offering effective risk solutions that endow peace of mind. This shall be achieved through five pillars:

  • Integrity
  • Delivery of Innovative Knowledge and Products
  • Balanced Cost
  • Claims as Moment of Truth
  • Partnerships with all our Stakeholders


ARIS aspires to be a leader in offering risk management solutions by understanding and exceeding customer needs.

We are committed to adopting a process approach in managing our business.  Our management team has a continual commitment to:

  • Ensuring that customer requirements and expectations are determined and fulfilled, with the aim of achieving customer satisfaction
  • Communicating the importance of meeting customer, regulatory requirements and other governance expectations
  • Communicating the quality policy both within the organization and to the interested parties and benchmarking best practices and technology to respond to customer needs.
  • Establishing quality objectives and ensuring the regular review of our quality management system (QMS) performance as a means of measurement and monitoring of the effectiveness and efficiency of the system.

ARIS shall continually, plan, control and mitigate against risks in line with business norms to improve the implementation and maintenance of our QMS.

Dominic Osumo
Group Managing Director
Chartered Insurance Broker
Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute of London (FCII)