Our Services


Insurance is a complex practice that requires enormous resources and capabilities in order to deliver. This is because it is dependent on several fundamental principles and technicalities which in most cases, cannot be quantified. It therefore heavily depends on technical know-how as well as persuasive ability and commercial stature.

ARIS has formidable experience and wide international exposure to be very effective in negotiating the best terms to the benefit of its clients.


1. Placement of the insurance programme


We have gained wide experience through the management and consulting in large risks over many years, thus placing us in a position to assist and provide unique service in Risk Management and Control.

We combine our local knowledge and experience with a network of insurance providers in Africa and beyond to deliver solutions to our clients.

We seek the most competitive terms of insurance in the market. We then ensure that insurers provide the most extensive coverage, incorporating necessary additional clauses to ensure no gaps in the cover. Policy documents are scrutinized to ensure compliance.

2. Premium Payment Plans


ARIS, are the leaders in creating a relationship with Tanzanian banks that support Premium Financing to clients requiring instalment finance for their annual short term premiums. The advantages are affordable instalment finance, at a competitive flat rate of interest.

3. Handling of claims


Claims is given top priority and handled at senior most level. Our aggressive implementation of Claims Management Policy has made ARiS very effective in handling of claims.

We advise the client on documentation required and procedures with a hands on approach by scheduling regular claims review meetings.

Upon fulfilment of the requirements, settlement cheque is sought within 7-15 days from the date when the discharge voucher is signed.

4. Training


To ensure that our clients receive the best possible professional service – training of staff is taken seriously. We conduct regular training programs both in technical areas and soft skills, using group and other external resources.

Client training is an integral part of our annual training programme and we invite clients to send representatives to take part in these informative and educative forums. Basic cover details and issues such as claims processing are explained, to ensure a smooth running of the programme from both ends.

5. Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance is another specialised unit at ARIS which handles medical covers, whether the benefits are insured or administered. We also arrange schemes that may be partly self-funded and partly insured to optimise the clients’ expenditure in this area.

The strategy of ARIS is focused on the delivery of financial and risk services to small, medium and large organizations, specialist groups and individual clients.

A network of associates extends our reach to other regions, whilst our wholesale broking operation in London serves underwriters and insurance brokers throughout the world.