Marine Insurance

Most marine and marine related companies have operations that expose them to a multitude risks that could result in an insurance loss. These exposures typically are not all covered under traditional commercial insurance policies and often require several marine specific policies in addition to standard commercial policies in order to properly protect your business and ensure you can continue to operate and stay in business in such an event.

Whether it is insuring the actual vessel – large or small – its crew, cargo or third party liability, we are able to tailor policies which suit your needs perfectly. We understand that every insurance policy needs to provide cover for a wide variety of individual circumstances, and that’s why we’re trusted to create the right insurance at the right price. With our long experience we can work with underwriters to obtain the very best results for our clients.

We can arrange cover for a multitude of maritime risks including pleasure craft, personal water craft, tugs, barges, commercial fishing vessels, sport fishing vessels, whale watching vessels, ferries, dinner cruises and floating lodges. We also cover boat yards, marine construction projects, wharfs, terminals, cargo and marinas.

Types and benefits of marine insurance through ARiS include:

  • Marine Cargo Insurance
    policy protects the insured against losses incurred following loss and /or damage to the goods whilst in transit as imports or exports.
  • Marine Hull Insurance
    provides covers against loss and/or damage to vessels/ships hull and machineries, materials and other equipments of the vessel including collision/TPL risks
  • Protection and Indemnity Insurance
    coverage for third party liabilities arising out of the ownership and operation of a vessel. The risks covered can include bodily injury to crew and passengers, pollution, wreck removal (e.g. when a vessel sinks and blocks a harbor entrance) as well as elements of collision liability not covered in your Hull and Machinery policy

We are able to negotiate and agree worldwide extensions with our underwriters – ask us for details

All Marine Insurance policies from ARiS have “A” rated security with an established world leader in marine insurance.

In general most marine insurance is written on industry standard wordings but there can be subtle differences that can have a dramatic impact on claims handling. There are different options, policy wordings, enhancements or amendments available. We will be able to help create a individual policy to suit your requirements exactly.

Effective from 1st January 2018, Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) will give Import clearance for any shipments entering Tanzania only after verification / evidence of the Marine Insurance Certificate issued by any Tanzania based Insurance Company.