Notice on change of name in Tanzania

Dear Esteemed Clients and Stakeholders,




We are pleased to inform you that we have changed our company name to ARiS Risk & Insurance Solutions Limited.

Attached to this letter please find a copy of the legal certificate of the change of name issued by The Business Registrations and Licensing Agency (BRELA) for your records and reference purposes.

This change has been considered as reflection of the current operations and wider stature of the company as explained below.

We hasten to assure you that we remain committed to our stakeholder relationships and service to all our clients.


For many years, our brand “ARiS” has been synonymous with quality service directly in the East African and through our major corresponding global insurance community.  The brand is an Acronym of African Risk and Insurance Services Ltd.

Tanzanian Origins and the African Spirit

The name was intended to convey our history as a company with its origins in Tanzania and the general African spirit.

Change of Name to ARiS Risk and Insurance Solutions Ltd

In order to be representative in the delivery of our superior service to our prestigious clientele not only in East Africa but in the global insurance industry we have considered a change of name.

We are therefore excited to announce that we have changed the name of our company from African Risk & Insurance Services Limited to ARiS Risk & Insurance Solutions Limited.

The new name begins with the preferred word of our clients in identifying our company and the rest of it sums up our position as the one-stop shop for all of our clients’ risk and insurance matters.

The company Logo “ARiS” as depicted above, the clarion call of “ARiS with ARiS”, and the brand for our Life and Medical Business, “LIMED” remain unchanged.

Reason for Change of Name

The change has been motivated by the need to align the brand to our involvement in global scene through:

  1. Active operations in the London Insurance Market,
  2. Registration as Overseas Lloyds of London Broker
  3. Strategic affiliation with global insurance service providers including major brokers and reinsurers
  4. Institutional Quality Assurance initiatives including the Chartered Insurance Broker status by the Chartered Insurance Institute of London and ISO 9001:2015 certification
  5. Consultation in risk management and compliance for our existing and new clients

Business Implications

Other than the expected positive branding impact, ARiS’ shareholding, management and organisational service delivery structure remains unchanged.

We remain committed to the values that the company has declared to ensure quality service to our clients as well as fairness and support to our staff without any form of discrimination.

We look forward to working with you on this exciting new name brand.

Yours sincerely,

Dominic O Osumo

Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute of London (FCII)

Chartered Insurance Broker

Group Managing director