Notice on new TIRAMIS system in Tanzania

Dear Esteemed Client,


We hereby wish to inform you that the new TIRAMIS system by Tanzania Insurance Regulatory Authority (TIRA) is fully operational from the 1st of April, 2021. For motor insurance however, a grace period of 14 days from the 1st April was given where we could issue the old physical stickers/certificate disc.

The new system is expected to bring better reporting of insurance statistics and consequently better regulation as TIRA will now have information of all non-life insurance bookings (both motor and no motor) in the country almost in real time.

Below are a number of points which will immediately and directly affect you our esteemed client and consumer of insurance whenever you shall renew or take a new insurance cover henceforth.

  1. NIDA number/voters registration no./Passport No (please ensure to bring one of the afore mentioned), registered mobile no., email, date of birth, gender and location of residence are mandatory information. For Corporates, this extends to TIN and VRN.
  2. For motor insurance almost all details on the registration card are mandatory e.g. Type of fuel, Tare weight, chasis no. etc Hence kindly ensure to bring a recent copy of your vehicle’s registration card with you at your next renewal or taking of new motor insurance.
  3. The new system will currently only allow renewals to be booked on the start date of the renewed cover.
  4. The new TIRAMIS system does not yet support short term covers. All insurance covers will span over a period of 1 year.
  5. Motor Insurance covers will no longer have any physical certificate disc/sticker to be stuck on vehicle windscreens. Instead there will be a covernote number and an e-certificate/e-sticker number mentioned on our covernote. No old physical stickers will be issued after the 14th April, 2021. All physical stickers related currently active covers will remain valid until their cover expires.
  6. The new system will only accept bookings no lower than the gazetted minimum rates and discounts as stipulated by the law.

The fact that the new TIRAMIS system is in teething/infancy stage, means we are likely to encounter unforeseen issues beyond our control and for this please bear with us.

Meanwhile, we remain fully committed to continue to provide you with the best service and we urge you to start processing renewals and new insurance well in advance with all mandatory information required by the system so as to minimise inconveniences.