Client Advice – COVID-19

The management of African Risk and Insurance Services Ltd (ARIS) wishes to advise its clients in connection with information circulating in social media regarding a detection at ARIS house of COVID-19 virus as follows:

ARIS is a tenant in one wing of a building known as ARIS House situated on Haile Selassie Road, Dar es Salaam. The two wings are independent in as far as lifts and other services are concerned.

The landlord received information about one of a tenant’s staff testing positive for COVID-19 virus. Prompt measures taken to ensure control and prevention of the spread of the virus are as follows:

  1. The building was vacated and sanitized by a professional company
  2. Individuals potentially exposed to the risk asked to self-quarantine at home
  3. All the staff are working from home
  4. All the staff were immediately supplied with N95 masks
  5. All meetings, internal and external, suspended
  6. All preventative measures guided by the government of Tanzania have been placed, including the following and are believed to have helped in preventing the potential spread:
    1. Mandatory sanitization at the main access gate house of the premises
    2. Further sanitary stations enforced inside, at the reception, each floor, and each office
    3. The office cleaning contractor is charged with a duty of continuous sanitization of all door handles and other contact points of furniture and fittings
    4. Two full-time medical doctors are monitoring the situation and on standby to assist in case of any development.

We stand in solidarity with the Government and people of Tanzania. We wish those affected a quick recovery.

Meanwhile we appeal for your patience for any inconvenience that might arise from the disruption of activities due to the above situation.

We shall update you from time to time depending on any developments.


Thank you